Podcasts are incredible tools for learning that allow individuals to grasp knowledge quickly in a consumable manner. As one of the fastest-growing digital formats, podcasts have the potential for immense penetration among numerous age demographics.

In fact, brands that advertise their products and services on podcasts experience a 14% rise in purchase intent. So, why aren’t more businesses jumping on the bandwagon? That’s because producing and promoting a podcast can be quite challenging, time-consuming, and in some cases, expensive. Luckily, there are many marketplaces nowadays offering fast and affordable ways to develop and grow your podcast.

Here, we’ve outlined the pre-eminent benefits of outsourcing podcast production and promotion while informing you how our experts at Pivit Studios can help you

Why doesn’t everyone have a podcast?

Producing an engaging podcast that listeners can relate to requires a lot of trial and error. Hence, the reason why people don’t have a podcast is tediousness and constrained time limits.

The production process is long, so people can quickly lose interest. In addition, most people that are willing to invest time are often held back because of inadequate finances, as podcasts equipment is expensive.

Why most podcasts fail

Podcasts fail when creators are uninspired and lazy to invest in their craft. People sabotage themselves by creating a series that they think will do well on their account; instead of talking about something within their niche. Sometimes sacrificing quality for quantity can lead to a downfall. Lack of positioning and promotion are also significant factors.

What is podcast outsourcing?

It is an industry full of experienced professionals who assist you in creating outstanding quality podcasts. They work at a reasonable price and save you a lot of time and effort. The tasks include but are not limited to editing, producing, scriptwriting, managing guests, and developing promotional strategies.

Benefits of Outsourcing Podcast Work Include:

    • Frees up time for other activities
    • Helps you save money
    • You get superior quality content
    • Produce SEO optimized work
    • Give listeners detail-oriented information
    • On-time publishing and scheduling
    • Get a professional feel
    • Enhanced promotion and leads
    • Better marketing to get it to the right audience

How we can help

Pivot Studios is a podcast production agency that specializes in podcasts outsourcing. We build excellent strategies to reach your target market, brand recognition, sponsorships, and so much more.

A plan of services is created based on your particular needs, which include:

Podcast Production

Pivot Studios provides several offerings to guide your production journey from start to finish. The bookings are made based on the posting schedule of your podcast. If you have existing podcasts, we’ll onboard you thoroughly with premium-quality software and equipment.
You’ll also get a detailed walkthrough of each aspect. If you’re comfortable within your setup, our team will work with you. You just have to record yourself and wait for the results.

Podcast Distribution

After production, we will distribute your podcast on any platform such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Stitcher, etc.
Video Production

You also have the option to pair videos with your podcast. It helps with promotion and gives you the opportunity for more viewers and earnings.


The team ensures that your podcast is getting traction through online advertisements, social media marketing, and other tools. In addition, it comes with podcasting analytics and reporting, so you know how your podcast is performing at all times.

Come see what we can do!

If you’re interested in any of our services or have any questions, reach out and let’s figure out a way forward! We are currently offering FREE 30-minute consultations