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“Activate Brand Purpose” by Chip Walker

In this episode of The Marketing Book Podcast, Douglas Burdett interviews head of strategy and a partner at StrawberryFrog, and author of “Activate Brand Purpose,” Chip Walker. Recognized for his expertise in brand creation and re-invention, Chip has led the charge in transforming brands such as Goldman Sachs, Lexus, Bank of America, Jim Beam, and Heineken.

Activate Brand Purpose shows readers how to transform their brand’s purpose into meaningful action by sparking a company-wide cultural movement, beginning internally and permeating externally.

Regardless of whether your purpose is lofty and socially conscious, or all business, focus on galvanizing people, and they will respond if you can prove that you care about that purpose and that you’re working to realize it, rather than simply chasing the next dollar. This book contains a clearly explained, proven framework that will make this happen.